International experience

Throughout this international experience, I pursued exposure to deepen my insight into sustainability in Thailand. I received internship placement at a Thailand National Park, studied as an international student at Chiang Mai University, and was selected to attend a United Nations Symposium in Bangkok. These international exposure opportunities profoundly broaden my global perspective.

National Park Internship

To further immerse myself in this international experience, I completed 100 internship hours. I was placed with the Doi Suthep-Pui National Park Headquarters Office. Read about my experiences as the first non-Thai person to ever work at this national park.

Chiang Mai University

For my program abroad, I studied at Chiang Mai University as an international student. The focus of my studies concentrated on Sustainable Agricultural Development, World Economic Issues, ASEAN Tourism Management, and Thai Language. 

United Nations Symposium

On behalf of Western Washington University's Karen W. Morse Institute for Leadership, I was selected to be a delegate for the 8th Annual University Scholars Leadership Symposium. This symposium was hosted by the United Nations-Humanitarian Affairs.